MedLab Media Group
  • Luis Velasco
    CEO and CFO
  • Arni Giraldo

Founding members

"Ideas that become reality"

The authors of MedLab Media Group. They are the embodiment of ambition, hope and sacrifice.

  • Alba de Blas
    Project Manager
  • Natalia Cuadrado
    Project Manager
  • Catarina Leite
    Project Manager
  • Juan Ernesto Rojas
    Project Manager
  • Alberto Cueto
    Project Manager

Project Manager

"Changing the rules"

The creators of effective strategies and creative solutions. The Marketing team stays dynamic when facing changes.
They are also familiar with new technologies, always on the trail of digital innovations.

  • Celia Gutiérrez
  • Cynthia García
  • Cristina Mouriño
  • Mª Amelia Brenes
  • Beatriz Pérez
  • Luis Cañivano

Editorial department

"Masters of content"

Our Editorial team carries out the exhaustive research, selection and composition of scientific articles to offer the physicians the latest news from each specialty.

  • Jason Jiménez
    Back-end Developer
  • Miguel García
    Back-end Developer
  • César Hernández
    System Director
  • Pablo Molina
    Front-end Developer
  • Miguel Tejedor
    Mobile Developer
  • Jonathan De la Sen
    Mobile Developer


"Technology as a way of life"

The experts in quality, data and innovation. The IT team has a real talent that makes them stand out when they are working with a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor (or many).

  • Olga Vorontsova
    Graphic Designer
  • Nuria Muñoz
    UX/UI Designer


"From abstract to attractive"

They are between the ideas of our team and physicians’ desires. Our Design team know how to provide an intuitive structure to the content in order to economize physicians’ time so they can work on the most relevant issues.