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Colegio Médico de México

The Colegio Médico de México A. C., and MedLab Media Group S. L., are committed to positively transforming the health sector in Mexico by supporting physicians in their daily decision-making and their continued learning while providing them with access to the knowledge of entire global health community.

The vision of an integrated digital system has been proposed underPresident Dr. Mirian Anel López Basilio in which all the members of the college have free access through their website to a series of communication and learning tools such as a medical dictionary, pharmacological guide, online conferences, training courses, medical calculators and specialized news reports.

The goal of this initiative is to meet the needs of the medical community in Mexico by equipping all members of the Medical College of Mexico with the tools necessary to succeed in the rapidly digitalizing world of medicine.

Colegio Médico de Bolivia

The Bolivian Medical Association and MedLab Media Group have entered into a collaboration agreement to promote and encourage membership in the Bolivian medical community.

To achieve this objective, MMG will provide the Bolivian Medical Association with the appropriate technology including communication and learning tools for registered doctors such as medical dictionaries, a pharmacological guide, online conferences, training courses, medical calculators, specialized news reports, etc.

MMG will carry out innovative research projects in different disciplines of information technology applied to the field of medicine and develop its products according to the needs of the Medical College of Bolivia.

With this collaboration agreement, MMG and the Bolivian Medical Association will work together to provide this group with access to the information technologies needed to support their work and decision-making.

Consejo Estatal de Estudiantes de Medicina

CEEM (Consejo Estatal de Estudiantes de Medicina in Spain), attemptingto make information and communication technologyaccessible to all students of the compendium of Medical Schools in the country, has established a partnership with MMG so that the doctors of the future maybenefit from services offered by the company.