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DeepAIMed is a semantics-based search engine for medical content that uses a wide range of reliable and relevant information sources trusted by physicians, health professionals and the general public to create relevant results using artificial intelligence. These relevant search results are obtained by concept relations created using artificial intelligence algorithms, natural language processing tools, image recognition and other advanced technology developed by MedLab Media Group. The objective is to make available to the global community a reliable medical information using a search engine that takes advantage of machine-learning technology and aids with clinical diagnoses and decision making.

Encrypted communication platform connected to specialized medical tools to support the clinical decision process and exchange of knowledge that is strictly in accordance with European (GDPR) and American regulations (HIPAA).

It provides the user with two different environments: the global system and the private channel. The global communication system aims at being the largest community for Doctors worldwide, enhancing collaboration and the sharing of knowledge among the entire healthcare community; connecting Doctors with other Healthcare professionals as well as with medical students and patients.

In addition, MedsBla offers access to specialized tools that will help physicians in their daily practice by allowing immediate access to quality information and support applications. This section will be customized to each profile, providing the necessary tools for the specific needs of each user.

Digital ID platform where medical doctors can connect with Medical Colleges, access all their services and keep all professional documents in a safe place.


The company-wide integration of Blockchain technology in all products allows for high standards of transparency and safety. This technology enables the validation and verification of both healthcare professionals and patients through the creation of digital identities and electronic health data including patient history and prescriptions.


Eleiizi is a technology developed by MedLab Media Group that is able to understand and synthesize medical texts of all kinds (scientific articles, books, clinical guides, protocols, clinical cases, etc.). The main objective is to create an artificial intelligence platform using knowledge contained in medical literature with which the user can interact to answer questions and/or search for information. It is primarily based on natural language processing technology, hypergraphs and Kernel methodology. Eleiizi understands both Spanish and English and will be able to understand more languages in the future.